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Release Date February 2023

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Cheryl Dyson-Bennett

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My passion for writing dates back to my childhood. Since, I have dedicated my life to helping other women walk on life’s stormy sea and ultimately master the art of purposeful living. I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations but they only made me stronger as I learned to rely on God’s saving power. Thus, my books are designed to empower people not only with my resilience, but also with the assurance of timely divine intervention. 



A Podcast segment about determination that takes you beyond setting goals to reaching them by replacing negative beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts with the power of positive thinking that aligns with God's promise for your life.

In the interview (and the pages of her book), you’ll go on a journey with Cheryl as you hear the mistakes she made and the incredible strength she displays as she recovers from those mistakes. 

An interview with Published Author Cheryl Dyson Bennett from Saturday November 2nd, 2019. The shows airs LIVE on Saturdays from 12pm to 1pm on the Romans 12:2 Experience Radio Show Facebook page and on Instagram live at @lavon1021.



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