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About Cheryl Dyson-Bennett

Hi! I am Cheryl Dyson-Bennett, a professional life coach, author, and motivational speaker called by God to empower others for excellence.  

I am the CEO of Designed for Greatness, LLC, as well as Women of Destiny Global Ministries. In 2019, I debuted into the writing industry with In the Arms of Jesus: Favor, Increase and Promotion, a Christian non-fiction book which was subsequently proceeded by Divine Keys to Unlocking your Destiny.  


My passion for writing dates back to my childhood. Since, I have dedicated my life to helping other women walk on life’s stormy sea and ultimately master the art of purposeful living. I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations but they only made me stronger as I learned to rely on God’s saving power. Thus, my books are designed to empower people not only with my resilience, but also with the assurance of timely divine intervention. 


I have always envisioned myself in a field where I could give back to the community. So, you could say I’m living my dream. When I enrolled at the University of South Carolina, psychology seemed like the perfect field of study. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I attended Webster University where I earned a master’s degree in management and leadership.  


I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. In my free time, you’ll find me rocking my head to some jazz music, walking in nature, or being an avid reader. 

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